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Vacancies at legalmatters

We are always on the look-out for bright new talent and are happy to hear from potential candidates even if there is no position advertised.
If you would like to join our team email us at

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Current Vacancies

There are currently no job vacancies at legalmatters. However we are always keen to hear from exciting new talent interested in joining our growing team, so if this is you please send your CV and a covering letter to

You need not be restricted by geographical location as our flexible working policies mean that our people can be based anywhere in the UK.

“Legalmatters has reaffirmed my opinion that working remotely should no longer be seen as a temporary or imperfect manner of working, but rather a genuine alternative to the traditional office environment for everyone to consider. The technology and support available to me has meant that I can work efficiently from home, without ever lacking access to anything that a traditional office environment would provide. Staying in contact with my colleagues has been effortless, despite the geographical distance between us.”

Adam Syn
Based in Wigan