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Services For Business Owners

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Services For Business Owners

Running a successful business comes with enough responsibilities as it is. That’s why we have a series of straightforward, fixed-fee legal packages for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are a sole trader, run a small to medium sized company, or are part of a larger company, we have a range of services for you to draw on. We pride ourselves on our ability to take a commercial approach to our advice with your business interests at heart.

Our Services for Business Owners include advice on;

  • Business Wealth Protection
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Share Transfers
  • Shareholder Dispute Protection
  • Selling a Company
  • Appointing Directors

Your Questions, Answered

These are a few of the key questions we get asked about our Services For Business Owners

What is business wealth protection?

You need to consider from the outset your current and future financial position and that of your business. If a shareholder retires or dies any existing shareholders may wish to acquire his or her shares in order to preserve the business. Insurance is available in respect of the value of the shares together with various trust arrangements.

Do I need a shareholders agreement?

It is very important to regulate your contractual arrangements with your fellow shareholders in order to ensure that the running of the company and any decisions relating to the holding and transfer of shares in the company is clear to all from the outset.

Are there any tax implications on the acquisition or issue of shares in the company?

Either way if you get your shares by reason of your employment in the company, income tax and possibly national insurance contributions may be payable if shares are not acquired at their full market value. Stamp duty is also payable on any transfer of shares. It is very important to structure any such acquisition in order to minimise any tax implications. This can be done by way of the company setting up a share or option scheme. Early structuring and planning is essential.

What happens when I sell my company?

Any gain arising on disposal of your shares will be subject to capital gains tax. There are various reliefs that reduce your tax liability such as the Business Asset Disposal Relief (previously known as Entrepreneurs Relief). Inheritance tax may also be reduced by the use of Business Property Relief.

What is the right form of business ownership?

There are four main types of business structures. Sole trader, partnership, limited liability partnership and limited liability company. The right one for you will depend on many factors such as the type of business any projected or anticipated income and so on. We can help you determine the right business structure for you.

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Services For Business Owners

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