Online Services

In order to make it as easy and convenient for you as possible to tell us the provision you would like to make in your Will, we have created this online service. You can answer questions in any order you like, as we’ve created a unique traffic light system to track your progress, coupled with Help content and even an automated ChatBot, powered by artificial intelligence to answer your questions about Wills! You can also click the ‘Call Me’ button for one of our friendly lawyers to ring you with any help that you need.

This is not a DIY service, it is a modern, easy to use tool available to you at any time of day or night, to engage with us so that we can help you and save you time and money.

When we receive your instructions, we will contact you within one working day to discuss your requirements and advise you, all without obligation. If you’d like to proceed, we will confirm the fixed fee price. Please register for the service and try it.

Take a look at our explainer video here.