Specialist Legal Services

Aside from our highly regarded fast track services, we also specialise in providing user friendly access to a range of specialist services. We combine sound legal advice with a deep knowledge of our clients' concerns to deliver clear solutions which precisely match your needs. We pride ourselves on our cost effective no nonsense approach to life planning, without compromising on quality or detail.

Inheritance Tax Planning
Save up to 40% on your inheritance tax bill by enabling us to preserve, protect and control your professional and family finances through a variety of bespoke legal solutions designed for the smooth passing of wealth between generations

Mental Capacity & Welfare
Our experts are dedicated to looking after the welfare and safeguarding the financial affairs of those suffering from mental incapacity, whether due to a serious accident, ailing health or sudden illness

Estate Administration
When a loved one passes, it's a difficult time for everyone. By dealing with the administration of the estate we can help ease the hardship by handling any problems that may arise

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