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For many people, the family home represents the main value of their Estate. Increasingly, parents and their adult children are concerned about this asset being sold and the proceeds being used to pay for on-going care.

The Legalmatters solution is to use a Will to help protect a share of the home from this risk and make sure that the occupation of the main residence is still secure. The Will incorporates a Trust over a share of a jointly owned house. We also deal with the joint ownership to make sure that a share of the house can be used in this way.

Package highlights

  • Protect the value of your home against future claims
  • Avoid distant Beneficiaries inheriting your Estate
  • Loved ones can occupy the family home
  • Avoid expensive legal disputes
  • Fixed fee solution

What's included

A well drafted Will by a qualified, regulated legal business appoints Guardians for your children, gives financial certainty to dependants and nominates someone you trust to carry out your wishes

For Property Protection the Will includes a Trust that protects a half share of the house for children or grandchildren and makes sure the joint owner's occupation is secure. It's a straightforward answer to concerns over the eventual use of the value in your property and who will occupy it. If you change your mind you can redraft your Will right up until the time the first owner dies.

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