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Our expertise enables us to work with you to help preserve, protect and control your family and professional wealth through a variety of bespoke legal solutions.

Benefits of Inheritance Tax Planning service

  • Protect family wealth by reducing access to assets from claims of divorce/remarriage
  • Up to 40% inheritance tax saving
  • Ring fencing funds for new ventures
  • Keep control of education costs and maintenance of family needs
  • Avoid your descendants paying inheritance tax on your estate
  • Consider whether you would like to benefit charitable organisations

Carefully structured wills, trust vehicles and family agreements that dovetail with advice from your financial adviser or accountant will create a complete estate planning solution.

We start advising you on the basics of utilising allowances that the Government have given you - it's often the case that correctly structuring how you own joint assets makes a big difference on how to save inheritance tax.

We'll never advise you to give your wealth away to help with the burden of inheritance tax if that will affect your lifestyle and standard of living. Remember - inheritance tax isn't a problem for you directly (it's usually due on death) so, whilst it makes sense to plan properly, there's no point in saving tax if it means you're not able to enjoy what you've worked hard for.

Examples of ways to preserve assets

  • Use available tax relief and allowances properly and put in place a plan to regularly make small gifts and use your annual allowance
  • Make sure you keep control of your assets and lifestyle decisions by
    • Appointing an Attorney
    • Creating lifetime trusts
    • Drafting wills with flexible trusts arrangements with letters of wishes
    • Put in place nuptial agreements before and after marriage
    • Plan for the exit of business wealth through cross option agreements
  • There are a number of investment solutions that become tax efficient after a period of ownership and the independent financial planners we work with can advise on other products such as life insurance to cover the amount of inheritance tax
  • Using trusts to protect death benefits from pension plans and death in service
  • Business, key person and career exit strategies
  • Structuring business assets and wealth to secure available tax relief such as business property relief
  • Image rights, brand and trademark protection
  • Managing expenditure and planning around excess income

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