From here to maternity; why sorting out your Will needn’t be a Royal pain…

This week, a statement from the palace made the happy announcement that William and Kate are expecting once again. This news makes legalmatters feel all gooey inside. Legalmatters does love a baby, particularly a royal one with a rosy cheek and a knee sock, and extends the warmest of congratulations to the Cambridges on their impending bundle.

It has been baby news all around this week at LM towers with many clients sharing their news of family additions. New babies, together with holidays, are often one of those trigger events that get people thinking about their legal affairs. It’s a funny old thing having babies. Along with an indescribable love and exhaustion that you never thought possible, becoming a parent (and legally responsible for another tiny human) slaps you in the face with a fear of mortality like no other experience. No longer will you approach life’s risks with the same reckless abandon as your childless life before; bungee jumping and sky diving may take a backseat for a few years. Let’s face it, even that initial drive home from the hospital can be one of the most tense and apprehensive of your life. Don’t they realise you’ve got a baby in the back for goodness sake? You’ve even fashioned a gaudy yellow sign to warn other drivers of your precious cargo – yet they’re still driving like Bowser from Mario Kart as you indicate half a mile before your turning and drive at 15mph in a 40mph zone.

One client in particular has been in touch to put their instructions ‘on hold’ whilst they await their first baby in the next few weeks. They cheerily informed us that they would be back in touch in 6 weeks or so to finish off their Will and as we hung the phone up we wanted to ruffle their hair with an ‘aawww’ and a head tilt.

It may well be that 4 weeks post birth they will be straight back on the phone with confirmation of who is to inherit the family clock and who their executors are. But, it may be that there are other things taking up their time when they are at home with a one-month old. Such as brushing their teeth, wearing something that isn’t covered in milk and – the holy grail – actually managing to drink a cup of tea whilst it’s still hot.

Life with a new baby is hard. Physically, emotionally, financially. It can take time – a lot of time – being caught up in the wonderful, confusing, exhausting and worrying whirlwind of looking after a new baby before you step outside, blinking into the sun, and make steps to reintroduce a semblance of routine and anything which resembled your life before.

Of course you should get your Will sorted, now more than ever. But we are realists and know that life has a habit of getting in the way. Sorting out your Will in the months post birth is on the list with getting the car serviced, shaving or sorting out the weird drip in the downstairs cloakroom tap. You know you must do them, but seriously, all hours in the day are spent keeping a small person alive. Making it out of the house to get to Rhyme Time can be an effort of Herculean proportions, let alone the time and expense of going to see a Solicitor to sort out your Will and LPAs. Legalmatters knows that your time is precious and time spent going to see a Solicitor at their office – around naptimes- could be time spent watching Netflix and eating Hobnobs. Sleep when the baby sleeps? Yeah, right. I guess you then cook when the baby cooks and clean when the baby cleans too?

Legalmatters can take all of your instructions over the phone (or email. Might as well spend those 3am feed times productively rather than Facebook stalking ‘Gemma from Accounts’ holiday photos from Faliraki in 2007). Sorting out your Will and LPA with legalmatters can be quick, easy and super cost effective (as maternity leave pay is not the time to be paying extortionate fees for your legal documents).

So, whilst Catherine spends the next few months with her feet up contemplating suitably regal names (top tip: Arthur, Henry, Richard = good; Kong, Joffrey, Wenceslas = avoid), why not spend the time putting legal documents in place before the big day?

Choosing guardians for your children is nowhere near as fun as choosing nursery colours – but it is far more important. For help preparing your Will, please call legalmatters on 01243 216900 or email us at

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